wall flowers project
Wall flowers. Plants growing out of rocks. Plants surviving without easy access to basic survival needs, such as water and nutrients. And yet, these plants seemingly flourish, their hardships mostly hidden from view.
about the wall flowers project
From the most inhospitable and unexpected places can emerge something of great beauty, strength, and resilience. This photographic resource is intended to inspire those who have experienced domestic or sexual violence who don’t see themselves as the strong, invincible, beautiful people they are. That is the spirit of the wall flowers project. 

31 days of awareness 
During the month of October, in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, follow #wallflowersproject on Twitter where you will find an image each day with a quote from a survivor. Add your own quote if you wish. Spread the word that sexual violence is never acceptable. And know that mocking people who have experienced sexual abuse should NEVER be tolerated. 

the project title
Wall flowers is intentionally written as two words. "Wallflowers" (one word) suggests, by definition, someone who is shy, unpopular, or socially inadequate. "wall flowers," on the other hand, are those who may experience shyness or social inadequacy because of the domestic violence they have endured. And yet, they have moved on to blossom, despite those circumstances.​
domestic violence awareness
You are not alone.
Anyone can experience sexual assault or domestic violence.

​Rich … poor … old … young … married … single … professional … unemployed … LGBTQ+ ... straight ... religious … nonreligious ... 

Anyone can experience sexual assault or domestic violence, regardless of gender. If you have experienced domestic violence, the first thing you need to consider is your own safety. Find the resource below that works best for you.

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